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Filmlab Palestine Website Design

Filmlab Palestine Website Design

About Filmlab
Established in 2014, Filmlab Palestine has set the goal of promoting and reviving cinema culture in Palestine, keeping in mind its vision of a professional, creative, and innovative film industry landscape. Filmlab´s philosophy is to create a new sustainable hub for creative local film production with a program contributing to networking, training, and educating film professionals and talents, realizing diverse, high-quality films in general and content for children.  The accumulation of the efforts is gathered in the annual Palestine Cinema Days festival, connecting Palestine with the regional and international professional film industry, promoting Palestinian cinema culture and building an active  local cinema audience. 
Redesign of:
  1.  Filmlab Palestine  ( FLP) main website 
  2. PCD sub website

We are seeking a qualified and experienced web design agency, studio or individual designer  to design a modern website, the design should be responsive, user-friendly, reflect our brand identity, and meet our functional requirements. The initial goal is to create a new design that encourages visitors, partners and industry actors to return to the site. 

The FLP website will presents a new visual look and its functionalities will be enhanced to provide a better experience to users with a fully responsive design. 
The following deliverables are expected as part of this project:
  • A comprehensive project plan and timeline
  • A design concept and final design files for the website
New look and feel
  • Following the FLP branding guidelines, design a new look-and-feel for the FLP site capturing the different functionalities outlined in this TOR. The company will develop a graphic concept and the visual language of the new templates.
  • Ensure a consistent visual language on the new design by introducing fixed styles in templates ensuring consistency in fonts, color, formatting, icons, images and layout techniques. The design will be consistent for the pages underneath a specific section.
  • The new look and feel should be adapted to homepage, sections, subsections and the following components of the site.
  • Redesign/upgrade the standard page elements including header, featured story , slider, footer, tabs, accordion, recent post/publication grids, main menu, content slider/carousel, contact us, team profile, testimonial, blockquote, event calendar, client box and so on.
  • The new templates should guarantee that most recent content on the site is captured in automatically in the homepage in an organized way following specific categories, tags or other custom taxonomies.
  • All section and subsection webpages should incorporate functionalities to guarantee the latest information on that section and sub-section is displayed (news, resources, publication/guidance, stories, events). 
The estimated timeline for this project is 2 months.
Submission Requirements
Interested agencies should submit a proposal that includes the following information:
  • Company profile and qualifications
  • Relevant project experience and portfolio
  • Project plan and timeline
  • Cost breakdown and budget
Please submit proposals no later than 26th April, 2023 to [email protected]  
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