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Reflections from Palestine During Covid-19

Reflections from Palestine during covid-19

Reflections From Palestine is a collection of voices from Palestinian filmmakers on exceptional experiences and a testimony of a particular time that simultaneously speaks to a feeling understood worldwide. The films display personal film languages and reach out to collective stories expressing Palestine's diversity and a broad span of emotions: from boredom to enjoyment, anger, fear, confusion, and complexities of quarantine days.

What started as an intimate journey of observation and reflection is not only a metaphor and snapshot of a time shaped by COVID- 19 but turned out to be an artistic visual representation and interpretation of a further escalation of the political situation in Palestine.



By Laila Abbas

By Laila Abbas In times of lockdown, try not to sit on your glasses. Life is already blurry enough. And in Palestine, there's always something else going on.  

Lifting The Mask

By Najwa Najjar

As COVID-19 blinds the world and people hide behind their masks “Lifting the Mask” uncovers the reality on the ground, as Israel prepares to annex more Palestinian land this time using the pandemic as a cover.  


By Bilal Alkhatib

Shots that takes us from the ordinary friendly reality to a world of isolation, perplexity, and fear. To a mysterious, unfamiliar, and unknown worlds.

The End Is Here

By Ihab Jadallah

Lockdown, social distancing, strictly controlled neighborhoods, behind the scenes of this epidemic, a plan conceived long ago is being put in practice.