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The winning film of Sunbird Stories Award "Ornina & The Ghoula”.

The winning film of Sunbird Stories Award
"Ornina & The Ghoula”.



The Sunbird Stories Award winner Palestinian director Emile Saba has finished filming his new short “Ornina & The Ghoula”.

The script was developed with the support of the first edition of the "Sunbird Stories" program in collaboration with Cinephilia Productions, which aims to open up a new working sector for professional filmmakers to receive capacity building to produce short narrative films for children.
Story by Bayan Shbib. 
Screenplay by Emile Saba and Bayan Shbib. 

Cast : Aseel Saba, Samah Mahmoud, Muhammad Eid, Maya Abu Al-Hayyay, Raeda Ghazaleh, Ali Obaid and Ameneh Adeleh  The film has mainly a Palestinian crew.

Director - Emile Saba 

Director of Photography: Ibrahim Handal 

1st Ad: Rana Abu Shkhedim 

Script Supervisor - Areen Khoury ‏

‏Gaffer - Mohammad Rawashdeh 

Sound -Issam Rishmawi 

Production manager - Mohammad Abu Hanya ‏

Set Design & Make Up - Wafa Ibrahim ‏

Costume Designer - Masha 

Set dresser - Taqi Saba teen 

‏‏Line producer -Wisam al Jafari

Art : Ali Obaid , Nisreen Yaseen

The film is now in Post-Production.

We hope that “Ornina & The Ghoula”.” will take part in the 8th edition of Palestine Cinema Days 2021.