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Cinema Culture

Cinema Culture

Filmlab builds a viable culture of cinema-going and critical viewership by organizing the annual Days of Cinema, regular public film screenings and cinema-centric debates, and hosting a variety of programs to promote production and viewership among children. Filmlab also organizes film screenings for children in partnership with kindergartens.  

Our Cinema Culture Programs include: 

  1. Palestine Cinema Days
  2. Children & Youth Cinema 
  3. Film Screenings & Dialogue Sessions

Sub Programs

Our team at Filmlab works hard to bring critically acclaimed films to the local public in Palestine. We do scheduled screenings at our space, moreoever, we partner with cultural entities to screen our films at their locations that are spread all over Palestine. In addition to that, Filmlab screens films followed by a dialogue session that discusses at the role of film in society, how it has grown to become such an important part in our daily life, what elements creates a good film, and some history about films and filmmaking. 
Considering that social and cultural change strongly and inherently depends on re-building the conscious of both individuals and people as a whole based on human ethics and values; Filmlab: Palestine believes that Cinema culture can remarkably contribute to set the foundation for long-term cultural change. To boost cinema culture within children and youth, Filmlab: Palestine created two compatible programs; 
Palestine Cinema Days is an annual event organized by Filmlab every October, and aims at placing Palestine on the map of the International film industry and movie landscape, in addition to promoting local and international films across several venues in different cities within Palestine.